For Whom the Bell Tolls…

So “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is one of the best Metallica songs ever….it’s one of those songs that makes you want to drive fast…a Mass Pike song. The guitar work is incredible, Lars sounds like he smashed holes in his drum kit and James Hetfield sounded downright evil.

Here’s a video with some students of the Boston School of Rock doing that iconic song. The band sounds pretty tight…especially for young kids. For a second I think I’m in for a treat, but then the lead singer starts flailing around…..

I mean Kudos for getting up there….it certainly takes guts. But I found myself thinking “Is this thing going to stage dive?….maybe it’s having a seizure.” I was under the impression it was going to turn out to be another Jack Links commercial.

Then it starts clapping off beat and almost headbutts the mic stand and I realize it just operates on a different artistic level than the rest of us.

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