Cops love beer…

So I’m browsing vids looking for inspiration when all of sudden I come across this restored 1991 Crown Vic. It immediately sparked memories of drinking beers in the parks around the neighborhood. On any given weekend night we would be gathered around a few cases of Bud or on a good night…a keg. All of us discussing the events of the week or discussing who we were going to “scoop” that evening.

All of us usually had our escape routes planned and we all had the 1000 yard stare….you could always make out that distinct Crown Vic shape. And every once and a while…when the boys from Gibson Street were low on brew…they would plan a raid of Branch Davidian proportions to replenish their stockpiles. At least that’s how we looked at it….

It was all innocent fun…and the boys were doing their job. But I never got over the girls in our crew. Some would actually hang around instead of running because they thought some of the cops where hot. Brian Waters always seemed to draw the biggest crowd. Again….all innocent…but it sucked when one of the girls you were eyeballing turned out to be a cop groupie!!

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