Saggy tight pants?

So I’m driving down Neponset Ave yesterday and I notice this kid walking down the street with his pants hanging off his ass. Now this type of fashion statement has been been practiced for years. I involuntarily practice it myself to this day….not because I’m trying to make a statement….it’s more or less because of my IAS. It’s pretty difficult to buy pants these days for those of us with Irish Ass Syndrome….or No Ass for short. I like to think I make up for my lack of an ass with sheer wit and coolness…but I digress. The pedestrian in question just happened to be black. And as we all are very aware…black folks tend to be gifted in the rump department. I kinda wish I had an ass like a black person….that way my pants would fit better.

So this raises an important question. Why would you wear your pants around your knees when the good lord gave you a built in mechanism to sit comfortably and have great fitting pants? I suppose you could make an argument for a certain Dot Rat who’s baggy pants helped launch a pretty good career…

But lets face it…most of us are not going to model for CK anytime soon. And that was the 90’s….these days the move has been to low slung skinny jeans. This one really puzzles me. Skinny jeans are for women…and with the right body they can look really good. So why would LiL Wayne wear women’s skinny jeans at last year’s VMA’s? Dude, my Pops would smack the sh*t out of me if I pulled a stunt like that.

Someday we will have the answers to these perplexing questions….and will be here asking these questions.

For now we just need to keep talking about our tight pants….

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