Morgan Stanley Subpoenaed By Massachusetts?

Why am I not surprised? Well…it’s Wall Street we are talking about here right? Should we be surprised that a sh*t ton of fat cats decided to rape … I mean short sell the stock once they where tipped off about a downgrade?

If it happened on a smaller scale in Dorchester…someone would end up with a broken eye socket and would have to sign over the title to their car. The cops would probably never knew it took place but the cool rules would prevail.


When it happens on Wall Street….the cops stand and front of the lavish office buildings to protect the crooks as they hide behind their computer monitors while they book houses for a summer vacation in the Hamptons with your son’s UMass tuition. Meanwhile your summer vacation is spent over at Castle Island eating Sully dogs watching the transplants pose for the next big Boston movie. Maybe you have a few bucks left over to grab a Lamberts sandwich for supper on the way home before you sneak in the back door of your triple decker trying to avoid the landlord.

Maybe Martha Coakley could use a team of Dot Rats to dish out some beatings. I’m sure a few of us could change the attitude down in Manhattan.  A few black eyes later….who knows… you may have some extra money to take the kids to Nantasket then hit Wahlburgers on the way home.

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