Where’s the kites?

One thing about Dot Rats is we know how to party. With Dot Day around the corner I keep having flashbacks of the parties I threw to celebrate the birth of Dorchester. Ohh the visions of 3 man games, the music pounding, ridiculous amounts of alcohol and food….and of course my drunk brother climbing up the side of my house only to fall 12 feet and crush my hedges. My parties were epic and are still talked about to this day…..I’m literally smiling right now as I write.

It’s such an important day…some even choose to propose!


But when you came to my parties or Dot Day for that matter….this type of atmosphere was expected. You came to eat, drink and laugh your ass off. How could you not laugh with a cast of characters like ours…


What would you expect at a kite festival? Kites right? Not when it’s the Franklin Park Kite Festival….a bunch of Dot Rats just had to turn it into a party.



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