A party in your mouth…

So I head over to the Rock Island Food Company last night in search of something really good for dinner. What a dinner it turned out to be….

Some of the best Cod Cakes ever…pan fried with lemon infused olive oil.

I paired that with some rice pilaf….then I had to have one of their lobster pizzas.

Those of you who follow dotrat.com know that I absolutely love this place. Ellen Wilson just does it right….she cooks local…with high quality ingredients. If you have had a long day at work and don’t feel like cooking…let Rock Island do it for you. Call them during your lunch break and they will have dinner ready to go home with you. They make some dishes ready to eat and others you can take home and fake like your an all star chef. This is a small business I would love to see prosper. Get in touch 617 594 9604

Why not get a whole meal together and treat Mom to a relaxing dinner this weekend with no lines or reservations…..just sayin…



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