Reppin the 603?

I thought this kid was going to give advice on lacrosse gear or the Ivy League dating scene….then all of a sudden….he’s “wheelin and dealin”.

I’m just not convinced…..maybe it’s the way he rocks in his chair like he’s pre-fatality or something….

If your going to be a white rapper….you have to bring something special to the table. If you look down the line at the Beastie Boys for example…they were breaking new ground with blending rock and rap…having Rick Rubin certainly helped…but they always took things in new directions.

These days it’s all about guys like Mac Miller…a kid who has an incredibly natural flow and a great ear for music.

So I would say stick to lacrosse and being republican up there in NH….but hey…if you come up with something bad ass….let me know…

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