30 Minutes in Dorchester

Check out this video project by a Harvard student….have you ever given a stroll down Dot Ave this much thought? Usually if I’m walking down the Ave…I’m only thinking of making last call….

People need to RELAX!!!  ; )  (looks like the video went private…why?)


8 thoughts on “30 Minutes in Dorchester”

    • who do people think they are? they are too out of touch to me. Harvard, i guess how elite that is? They don’t even know what they are talking about.

  • I can tell you the people you will find on Dot Ave .will have a hell of alot more common sense then a buch of Harvard students. when they were speaking of their ” walk about” on Dot Ave. they were speaking like they landed on the Moon…Like they had a candy store and record store ….growing up as a kid in Dorchester you made friends for life and it gets you ready for living in the Real world……Oh yeah I have never been arrested just in case your wondering….

  • Agree with ni, this is painful to watch. It reflects more about these students than it does about that neighborhood.

    Next project, take some folks from dot and spend a day around Harvard.

  • I guess they didn’t run into any of the 94 Harvard degree holders who list Dorchester as their home in the alumni directory. (not counting those who live in Dorchester but give their address as Boston)

  • That’s my neighborhood, and this says a hell of a lot more about Harvard students and the bubble they live in than it does about Dot.

  • The volunteers had their words cut and eddied. It is different. Moving from the west coast to the east coast is different. I don’t think they expressed such offensive opinions, more that their opinions were cut and pasted together to reflect their discomfort and the producer’s thesis.

  • First thing that came to my mind was WOW! How can you come from such an elite school yet be so ignorant? Watching people like this further makes me proud to be from the “hood”. I’m not living under a rock!

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