Cops and Firefighters…

Yes…public safety….and the competition between both branches of public safety…thats what we will be discussing here on today.

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How many cops do you know? How many firefighters do you know? Growing up in Dot it was a career path that most of us considered and or pursued. I realized early on that I was not cut out for public safety. I didn’t have the patience to be a cop, for instance, I would end up billy clubbing you half to death if I caught you who hurting a little kid or an elderly person. It’s the reality of the job, you deal with the worst people….and I wanted no part of that. My great-grandfather died in the line of duty with Boston Fire back in 1927….a few days after making lieutenant. Being a tad superstitious, I decided that wasn’t a smart path for me either. The 41000 base salary at the time made no sense either. Of course none of this reflects my opinion of these professionals….I have a huge amount of respect for cops and jakes.

One thing I have noticed over the years is the competition between cops and firefighters. Whether it’s hockey games, boxing matches, softball or even beer pong….these guys love to compete against each other. Maybe its old rivalries from the neighborhoods or a general feeling that one profession is better than the other. For the most part it’s a healthy rivalry with some of the bigger events helping local charities. But for me to sit here and say I haven’t witnessed an occasional fist fight would be a complete lie. Throw a few hundred Bud Lights and some liquor at the boys after an event and trust me….the fireworks fly.

It’s almost like watching a good brother fight. Those were always the best, and I know the boys from around the hood loved watching my brothers and I go at it. Have any stories to share? I want to hear them….

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