Opening Day Thoughts…

So tomorrow I make the pilgrimage over to Fenway and I’m just not as psyched as in years past. I’m sure I will get a nice buzz on and eat lots of fatty foods but it just doesn’t get me pumped like it used to. I was listening to 98.5 yesterday and Toucher and Rich nailed it on the head. The focus of the franchise seems to be directed more towards their baseball operations as opposed to the actual game in an effort to drive up revenue. I agree with them, but I think the change in focus is not only driven by economics but a lack of character.

I can remember being fixated on every pitch between 2000 and 2007…now I can honestly care less. We had such a strong cast of characters back then who played hard and weren’t afraid to play hurt. It appealed to us blue collar fans immensely. Our players were very scrappy….and all Bostonians felt a strong personal connection to the team.

We find those connections in our Pats and Bruins these days. There’s only a few players on the Sox these days with the qualities we enjoy as fans. We are very loyal here in Boston and firing Tito (the best manager in Red Sox history) just doesn’t sit well with most fans.

So I will go and celebrate Fenway’s 100th birthday, but will barely celebrate my team. Maybe they will restore my faith this season….but I just don’t see anyone on the team that would “bloody sock” it.

I guess there’s always the pink hats to laugh at….

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