Shots fired on the bridge…

So I’m heading over the Neponset bridge this morning when all hell breaks loose. Apparently someone decided to steal a rental car on the South Shore and drive it back to Dorchester. As most of you know the bridge is a mess these days and the median strip is open to facilitate construction. This is usually watched over by State Troopers on detail. One of those Troopers spotted the stolen car coming over the bridge from Quincy and ordered him to stop. The driver decided to try and run over the Trooper to escape. The suspect crossed the median into oncoming traffic and the Trooper got knocked to the ground. 2 other Troopers manning the intersection took notice and started running to the downed officer. This is when one of them opened fire on the vehicle. From where I was it looked like the car was heading straight at vehicles sitting at the traffic light under the expressway. The car swerved around those vehicles then took a left onto Gallivan Blvd and sped west. The driver was flooring it….you could see blue smoke coming out of the tailpipe. All 3 Troopers appeared ok but looked shocked. 2 guys in pickups pulled over to check on the officers. As traffic loosened up it seemed like there were State Trooper and Boston Police cruisers and bikes coming out of the woodwork….

What a way to start the day! My prayers are with the Trooper…hopefully he’s not injured and they catch this scumbag.

Police are searching an area down by River Street in Dorchester right now….keep your eyes open!

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