Robots can jump…

Technology changes rapidly, sometimes its a full-time gig just keeping up with it. Our military seems to keep a solid grip on all the latest advancements, if it wasn’t for military investment this blog wouldn’t exist. (thanks DARPA!)

Hence our ability to fight a large percentage of our wars remotely. There’s a ton of debate within our military of just how high that percentage will ultimately become. But, I’m a believer in that we are only bounded by the limits of our imagination when it comes to the defense of our country.

Have a peek at this remote controlled car. Can you imagine how this could be used to help our military? Picture it being very quiet…padded wheels…with a camera, a mic or even an explosive. Remote controlled vehicles were originally conceived by Nikola Tesla in the 1800’s….but they continue to evolve….DAILY!



1 thought on “Robots can jump…”

  • wow, this is really cool! Lots of applications for military and intelligence work, to be sure. But I can also picture swarms of delivery-bots leaping across the urban landscape to bring me tacos and magazines.

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