The sounds of St. Paddy’s…

So I’m running around today, beating up old ladies for the last point cut corned beef, chasing down beers and perhaps some Bushmills.

And then I paused for a second….and started to really think about tomorrow, my family and my history. We showed up here in the 1850’s, starving and wanting a better life. Boston provided it all for my family, and still does to this day. Sure enough….the Dropkick Murphy’s pop on my radio…but not any song….Fields of Anthenry. I seriously got the goosebumps….


I’m very proud of my roots, it’s important to never forget where you came from. The spirit that brought our families here to America is at it’s very core what being a Dot Rat is all about regardless of where your particular roots lie.

You adapt and cease your moments. You survive, you grind, you work hard and you play hard….and you NEVER QUIT!!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you from us here at

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