Sex Panther…

Sex Panther…

So I’m walking through the mall the other day and decide to stop at Newbury Comics. While waiting in line I get punched in the face with this overwhelming smell. Turns out the kid in front of me decided to take a bath in Axe body spray. Typical for a 18 or 19 year old guy trying to impress the babes. As you get older you realize that a more subtle approach to smelling fresh is usually a better bet. The idea is to spark an interest….not a migraine headache.

So as I’m standing in line trying keep my balance and bring my double vision under control, sure enough, some 18 or 19 year old chick in front of big sexy turns to him and says….”my friend thinks you smell good….what is that?” I get so flustered by this girl’s lack of smell I lean in and say, ” Sex Panther by Odion”. They look at me like I have 4 eyeballs….totally oblivious. I’m sorry…the sh*t was funny…and totally appropriate.


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