Everyone wants an apology?

So my post from yesterday turns out to be a giant hoax. Future Ex Banker apparently doctored the receipt and it went viral. I can’t really apologize to anyone specifically because nobody was identified as the person paying the tab. A few 1% sympathizers decided to chime in and call me a dbag and one actually used the term “class warfare”. Ummm FEB is the dbag….lets keep it real here. If I’m guilty of anything here it’s reading an article off the Huffington Post …. getting pissed…then writing about it. I didn’t break the story and I explicitly stated I don’t hate people who make tons of cash. As long as they have integrity and treat people with respect. I come from the most blue collar neighborhood of Boston….but we have produced a number of high profile millionaires and even our own billionaire. Lord knows….I have everything I need but wouldn’t mind being rich myself.

Apparently nobody looked at my poll where a few people voted who HAVE had this very thing happen to them.

Whether you’re smart, rich, pretty or just plain gifted in any aspect of life….I have no tolerance for those who like to rub that in faces of those less fortunate. And for that I will never apologize.

Oh yeah, class warfare is a term I despise as well. For all you paranoid rich folks out there….if it truly was “warfare” you all would have been dead a long time ago.

It’s 99 to 1 remember?

The closest thing I have ever seen to class warfare is when Mitt Romney was going around chopping up companies, stuffing all the cash in his pockets then leaving thousands of families for dead as he shipped what was left of their jobs off to China. Then he stands with a political party that would love nothing more than to eliminate the very programs designed help those same families stay afloat.


Generally, it’s this lack of integrity and respect for those less fortunate that has played out over and over again through the years that provokes such a harsh reaction to a 1% tip.

2 thoughts on “Everyone wants an apology?”

  • You should know as well as anyone that people vote “yes I’ve seen it myself” when they actually have not in these situations. The internet is full of self-adulating liars. Also, your “poll” could have been completed by the same tool who photoshopped the receipt. Grow up.

    Also, learn the difference between ‘your’ which is possessive (your books, your blog) and ‘you’re’ which is a contraction (you’re an idiot who tries to look smart by writing a blog but then says things like “whether your rich or poor.”)

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