Not your Granddaddy’s Caddy…

For the past decade Cadillac has done a complete 180 and has managed to put itself back in the conversation when you speak of the best luxury car brands on the planet. One of their most successful and acclaimed models has been the CTS-V.

At 556 horsepower right from the factory this is the fastest 4 door car on the planet. American muscle at it’s finest my friends. But this is America….and we love horsepower so much we couldn’t help ourselves….we needed to know what this little monster could really do. So along comes a company called Hennessey Performance out of Texas….and they decide to give the CTS-V a shot of steroids. They make a 600, 650, 700, 800 and….wait for it….

the CTS-V1000 twin turbo —- at 1000 horsepower —- This is the Barry Bonds of Cadillacs.



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