An oldie but goodie !!!

So this traveling salesman is in between gigs and has a few days off, so he goes into bar in a small town. He sits down has a few beers, and notices a big glass jar full of fifties in the corner. He asks the bartender, what’s the story with the money in the jar? The bartender replies, it’s a little bet we have going here. You have to put a fifty in the jar and complete 3 things, if you do all that you get the money. The man asks what do I have to do? The bartender says, do you see that 6’5″ 250lbs bouncer in the corner? The man says yeah,  the bartender says you have to knock him out with one punch. Then we have a mean nasty pitbull out back. The dog has a bad tooth, so you have to pull the tooth. Then the barman says we have an 85 year old woman upstairs who hasn’t been sexually satisfied in 20 years, you have to go upstairs and take care of her. The salesman says, what the heck. He puts a fifty in the jar, walks up to the bouncer and sure enough knocks the guy out with one punch. He then goes out back, the dog is moaning and screaming for 15 minutes, the salesman walks back into the bar and says where’s that old lady with the bad tooth?

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