The city stomps the Pony Room…

Universal Hub and the Globe report that the city has ordered Up’s and Downs closed until further notice.

Guess Ginuwine will have to do more shows down Tenean Beach….




1 thought on “The city stomps the Pony Room…”

  • I have to wonder where the local alcoholics and over the hill hooligans will end up drinking every night. In their homes? nahhhh,,it sucks there. Hangin on the corner? Nahhh too cold..and some would say, too old..Ha ha. I imagine they’ll creep up Neponset ave & hop on ova to 12 Bens. Dare I say maybe even , Emerald Isle or up the ave to Laydens …I don’t know. I don’t know the crowd at Ups N Downs anymore. It’s been many years.I have a few fond (or foggy) memories of The Pony Room. And yes,even involved in 1 or 2 brawls that spill onto the street. ahhhh Good times. πŸ˜› BTW ,Whatever happened to just going out to your neighborhood bar/lounge. Dance,drink..have a blast and go home in one piece. I hold those good times close. πŸ™‚

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