Who shanked the bouncer?

Apparently someone shanked the bouncer at the Pony Room last night….or Up’s and Downs for you youngins. I guess last night was a downer for the bouncer….he got stabbed in the leg while trying to break up a fight. Why am I not surprised?

Universal Hub reports 6 people total were sent to the Carney with stab wounds.

Now I know everone converges on this place for last call. I have been to the Pony Room once…got a tshirt…never went back. The place has always been seedy. My only suggestion to the dive under the bridge is to maybe spruce the place up. Knock a wall down…throw in a roof deck with a view of the park and river… serve some nice food. Try to attract a different crowd….maybe enforce a dress code. Use what the Blarney Stone did as your guide and run with it. And for Christ’s sake stop letting Ginuwine and his crew into the bar…

Here’s a Ginuwine 2010 fight at the Pony Room posted on the tube…

You stay classy Pony Roomers….

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