Hey people…stop harrassing the USMC…

So people got their panties in a bunch over this photo…

People are trying to say our Scout Snipers are using a Nazi SS flag. They are SCOUT SNIPERS….you know SS. I understand why Jewish folks get especially sensitive over any Nazi symbolism….but have the Jews forgotten who kicked the sh*t out of the Nazi’s?  PEOPLE ITS A F*CKING FONT….THE MARINES ARE COMING HOME…..THEY DONT NEED TO BE PUT UNDER A MICROSCOPE FOR THE SAKE OF A HEADLINE. The flag has existed for years….why is it an issue now?

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2 thoughts on “Hey people…stop harrassing the USMC…”

  • While I completely agree with you, probably a bad idea top have the SS shaped in that way. Just saying. Could of used Comic Sans

    • Valid point….but why would anyone think our Marines are trying to emulate the Nazis. Someone needs to consider the history of that flag…or at least inquire with the commander of the scout snipers. If you notice the version above has SS within the crosshairs. There’s way too much to be asked before aligning the USMC with the Nazi SS.

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