The Shark Tank isn’t American Made…

Shark Tank has to be one of my favorite shows. Every time I watch, I learn a little something about the dynamics of business. But this weekend was by far one of the best episodes ever. Why? Because each one of the sharks showed their true colors. They couldn’t bring themselves to invest in Invis-a-rack, a small company whose owner, Donny McCall, insisted on keeping all his operations in USA to help employ the people of his town. The rack system he makes for pickup trucks is truly genius. They all asked Donny to consider moving production off shore to “compete”. This is actually shark lingo for I can put way more money in my pocket by building it in China.

There was money to be made here at a 100K for a 10% stake in the company but every shark did not want to invest in American workers at a smaller margin and a  longer term. I say b*llshit!! This quick kill mentality is exactly what is rotting our economy. People do want a quality product even if it costs a few bucks more.

I was a little surprised that Robert Herjavec didn’t take the leap of faith after this emotional rant.


I say screw them….Invis-a-rack is a great product. The company can make it and I’m going to do my part to put the word out for them. I want Donny and his town to flourish.


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