PS Gourmet Coffee comes to Dot…

You know that spot in Southie that some of us Dot Rats flock to for a killer iced coffee. YA Dude….the word around Dot is they are setting up camp at the old Looney Liquors in Adams Corner. I don’t know about you but I’m pumped. A little piece of Southie right in Dot.. I guess when you sell your mother’s triple decker on East 8th street you need a new place to set up camp so the yuppies can walk their shi tzus in peace. Many of our Southie friends have settled in Dot….and they’re bringing the java with them. So the old saying goes….if your born south of the Charles River…you stay on the South Shore. If your born north of the Charles…..well….it’s the f*cking North Shore….who knows.

Now all I need is someone selling hot North Face gear and my life will be complete!

Check out their facebook page.

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