Tim Thomas and the founding fathers…

Like any Bruins fan I have grown to love Tim Thomas, we owe him our gratitude for years to come. I have no problem with his decision not to show up at the White House. If you really think about it, his boycott is truly the essence of Boston. This is the cradle of liberty and we have quite a history of standing up to the powers that be.

He doesn’t think the federal government is holding true to what the founding fathers envisioned. He’s right….it’s probably not what they envisioned.

Our founding fathers probably didn’t envision the industrial revolution, a civil war, an end to slavery, female voters, a catholic president, a black president, illegal immigration, corporate greed, the great depression, the great recession, 2 world wars, the cold war, health care costs, our oil dependency, the environment, the Bush family, sending our jobs to China, nuclear weapons, civil rights, lobbyists, the illegal drug trade or September 11th.

Our federal government is far from perfect but it has managed to adapt to an ever-changing world. Of course it’s not what the founding father’s envisioned…..but thank god they gave it the ability to change.

I love Tim but maybe he shouldn’t watch so much Glenn Beck…..dude is a screwball. The Gadsden flag on the back of his mask is pretty bad ass though…

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