I’m Baaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!

Sorry to all my beloved DotRats. Contrary to all the rumors, NO I didn’t marry Giselle’s sister.No I wasn’t in Bora Bora with the swedish bikini team. Unfortunately, I was the victim of a computer virus. Don’t worry I’m not contagious. Well the lesson I learned is next time I use a Computer, I’m going to have to wear a human condom with a trash barrel full of purell.While we’re on the subject of viruses, what’s with these people? I mean your computer is a personal thing, it’s a part of you. But there are scumbags who’s sole purpose is to break into YOUR computer with the intent on screwing you. So then you go to your local electronics store and they try to charge you between 60-125 dollars to fix your computer. REALLY? It reminds me of the story of the guy who starts a glass company, at first business is slow so he hires some young neighborhood kids to go break some windows in the neighborhood. Surprise surprise business is booming…do you get where I’m going here?

Lastly I want to wish a heartfelt DOTRAT Happy Birthday to my Dad George. Fans of this site know him as that guy in the video, explaining what a DOTRAT is, to me he is the greatest Dad in the world. Fellow DOTRATS I assure you I’m not a sappy guy, But my Dad is my hero, my idol and my inspiration. I’m the 4th kid out of 4 and I am a boy, so to say I was a little trouble maker is a wild understatement. Like most Dorchester families in triple deckers, 2 families and regular houses, I love you was rarely spoken.Anyways I wanted to use this public forum to say … Dad I love you and Happy Birthday!


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