Dana White is p*ssed…

So I have been watching MMA for about 16 years now, and I’m still a huge fan. Boxing was always the sport for my family growing up and I still love it, but I got tired of the corruption element. Watching the UFC grow over the past decade has been absolutely incredible. You literally watched this tiny company and it’s fighters just dominate the world. There’s something to be said for Dana White’s vision. He grew a million dollar company into a billion dollar company. Who am I to question his practices….right? Besides….I always route for the Boston kid.

Well enter ESPN looking for a story, apparently they chopped their 40 minute interview with the UFC down to 9 minutes and manipulated it to bolster their conspiracy that fighters do not get paid well enough. Let me just say this, in life you have to start somewhere. I had a paper route, and if people didn’t get their Boston Globe how and when they wanted it….I didn’t get paid. Some didn’t pay simply because they were cheap pr*cks. Fighters also have to start somewhere, and that means taking low pay until they establish a reputation. The UFC has shown more integrity in a decade than boxing has shown in a century.  Fighting is a dangerous sport, but with great risk come great reward. Through UFC’s efforts the fighters have continuously advanced their pay scales and more of the fighters earn money than ever before. That’s not something a Don King can speak of, I think he’s robbed more fighters than he’s paid during his career.

The boys running the show at the UFC are pretty smart, and saw what could potentially happen if ESPN decided to back door them. So…they taped the entire interview…have a look.

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