Should Wahlberg meet Whitey?

So Mark was on WAAF the other day and said Whitey “the coward” Bulger asked him for a sit down meeting at his new digs. Why else whould Bulger ask for that type of meeting other than to arrange a movie script. Should Mark Wahlberg put money aside for now and show some solidarity with some of the Dorchester people who lost loved ones because of this murderer?

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2 thoughts on “Should Wahlberg meet Whitey?”

  • I think that the Departed was a great movie, and we all know that the Jack Nicholson character was based on whitey. It had a fitting ending for him, he got shot and killed. I know that the whitey story is a fascinating one, everyone loves a good gangster story. The problem is all the myths that surround whitey. There are older people in southie who still think he was the prince of the city. That he kept drugs out of southie, and he was always helping people put heat in their house. I’ve heard my fair share of whitey stories, and what people have to realize is he was a ruthless, murdering dope dealer. He wouldn’t think twice about strangling little girls. His official body count I think they say is 20, but come on, you know the real number must be 35 to 40. Anywhere else in the world you would be considered a serial killer, but whitey NO, he’s just a businessman. So if they do make a movie about him, do me a favor and don’t glorify him. He’s scum and should be potrayed that way

    • I SAY HANG HIM BY HIS BALLS AND LET HIM SUFFER SLOWLY TO DIE! NO MOVIES NO BOOKS NOTHING just hang him by the balls in a place where every one can walk by and watch on a daily bases till he dies.

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