Warren Buffett regulates…

So Warren Buffett decided to bitch slap the GOP again. In an upcoming issue of Time magazine, Warren basically tells Republicans if they donate cold hard cash to paying down the national debt he will match it all dollar for dollar. This has to be hard on Republicans….it’s essentially Bill Belichick leaving the Pats to go coach the Jets. Every last millionaire Republican wants to be a billionaire Buffett. They love cash, sex without condoms, handing out pink slips, shipping jobs to China and screwing the tax system any way they can.

Sniff Sniff….Buffett is supposed to be their guy…

But….You know Warren B. is just a big pimp. He loves cash and sex (you know he still gets down) but he never forgets the hood, the hustlers, the working man….THE DOTRATS!!

Everyone should pay their fare share. Keep on regulating Warren!!


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