The Marines are pissed off…

So there’s tons of fuss over this recent video of our Marines hosing down some dead Taliban.

Now who am I to say whats right and wrong when it comes to war. I have read tons of history on America’s wars over the centuries…and by all accounts….war is hell. 70 years ago we made no distinction between civilians and military. If you lived in Japan or Germany you were bombed….didn’t matter if you happened to be a child or an elderly woman….you were the enemy. Of course today’s wars are much cleaner in comparison. We take better care of Afghan civilians than their own country. The same was true in Iraq.

What strikes me as ironic in all this is not one person has yet to mention the beheadings of Nick Berg or Dan Pearl. Or when insurgents attacked the 5 US Soldiers and 4 Civilian contracors…shooting them then lighting the bodies on fire. Then hanging the corpses from a bridge so the entire town of towel heads could come down annd whack that bodies with sticks….all while shouting “death to America”. Pretty classy people here.

It seems we have a short term memory in this country. But our military doesn’t…. Never Forgive – Never Forget. I care about those dead Taliban about as much as Bin Laden cared about the 2996 people he had killed on September 11th 2001.

In that spirit…lets watch some Apache Pilots turn some Taliban into tomato sauce, shall we?



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