The New Year…

Hello Dot Rats …. it’s been a while. I just wanted to take a second to send my condolences out to the McColgan family. I’m sure Don was a great man. I wish I could have been their to pay my respects. Keep your chin up Mike and Don!!

So stands at just under 14,000 hits since I started blogging again in September. I’m pretty excited about that….we even get hits from Europe on a regular basis which is incredible. I have to thank Boombalotty, Universalhub, WickedImproper and Emily Sweeney again for their support. The Rock Island Food company for keeping me powered up. Last but certainly not least….. Big George for telling me to do something with….The elder statesman of Dorchester was right again. His definition of a DotRat video has to be an Oscar contender….

I got some plans for 2012….stay tuned.

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