Santa Speedo Run…

For all those involved…this always seems like a great time. You would never catch my out of shape ass running down Boylston in a banana hammock…but after 20 drinks anything is possible. This is just the type of event to get bundled up grab your buddies and drink your face off as you make fun of all these people with way more balls than you have.

How do you combat winter nips?

Or being chased by hairy ex convicts?

….is that the nose face killah with a nip pierced? Guys really pay to get a nip pierced?

How’s your M&M’s Mr Mustafa?

Hey bro….nice cones!

Bro…are the Celts cutting corners to make the Chris Paul trade?

Marty McNasty pitching tents and crushing beers….

Friggin Jews….always looking for a naked party.

Please get your sweaty ass off my car…this isn’t a Whitesnake video.

Thanks to for the great pics!!!

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