The Massachusetts Map…

Really? Murders and stuff?  Listen, I’m neither a murderer or stuff. Dot has it’s share of problems for sure. But you can never discount how valuable violence is to the media. I have seen days where a bar fight makes the headlines, then others where a double murder isn’t mentioned….whether in Dot or elsewhere. The vans travel to Dot when the media outlets need filler. Then when some politician gets thrown in jail for taking kickbacks….the vans are never around. There’s 2 truths in media, scandal and violence both pay the bills and the media outlets have exploited the hell out of Dot over the years to sell commercial spots to Herb Chambers (ironically a Dorchester native). This directly correlates to the perception on this map. There’s trash in every corner of every state….some use a gun to ruin lives….others use the stroke of a pen.

What the media will never share is how I could walk anywhere in the largest neighborhood in Boston as a child…..and if I stepped out of line….my mother instantly got a call. They will never cover how a family loses a father with 6 children at home and the entire neighborhood rallies to make sure the widow and children stay financially stable, out of foreclosure and the kids get a shot at college. Or how a simple store owner keeps open lines of interest free credit for families in the neighborhood so they can have groceries in the home when times are tough. That’s the Dorchester I know….that’s community….but I guess that Dorchester isn’t an easy sell.

I must admit….East Boston listed as “Airplanes” is kinda funny though. ; )


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