Another fallen Jake…

Firefighter John Davies lost his life today, just doing his job. Which by the way is to run into a burning building. I can honestly say, this is something I wouldn’t do. It’s just another reason why firefighters should get all of your respect. Unlike police officers, you never hear ” where’s a firefighter when you need one” They are quick to respond and they do not hesitate to get the job done. Whether it’s to stabilize someone before the paramedics arrive or take a chainsaw to a wall so they can extinguish a blaze. From what I understand, Firefighter Davies was a 17 year Veteran of the Worcester fire department. He leaves behind 3 sons,a mother and a fiancee. I hope they are all in your thoughts and prayers today. The word hero gets tossed around way too much these day’s, it should be reserved for people like John who truly was a hero and did his job in the finest traditions of those who fell before him.


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