Shake a hand and say thanks…

It’s been 70 years this Wednesday since we entered WW2. A whole generation of men and women who were going through tougher times than we are now answered the call and won the war….then turned this entire country around. Everyday we lose WW2 vets to time, most of them go quietly without any fanfare, maybe a few family members around and a young service member playing the taps. Seems so ironic that these folks go so quietly when they sacrificed so much to secure the free world as we know it. Although if you asked most of them, it’s an exit they prefer.

I hope I can leave this planet some day with as much humility and honor. Each one of these folks is a little slice of history. To me, they represent the finest potential in us all, both as people and Americans.

Make sure you say thanks not only for serving, but setting the standard so high.

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