Menino’s 11…

So here we go with the pissing contest over where these new casinos will be built. For me the answer is simple…one of the Boston Harbor Islands. We had a casino on Spectacle Island years ago. You don’t have a crime problem planted in a residential area surrounding the facility. The MIT blackjack team would probably think twice about counting cards if the only way out was through a ferry. On top of that…the views….how badass would it be to look at the Boston skyline while eating lobster rolls, playing slots and betting on Boston sports. You have Thompson Island and Long Island…. the two are pretty much the biggest in the harbor and both belong to Boston. You can even drive out to Long Island…. POW!

I love Bob Kraft but driving down to Foxboro doesn’t quite appeal to us here in Boston. We are pretty worn out from all the CT trips to waste our money. Foxboro is great for a game or an overpriced movie but I mean even Tom Brady lives up here. The reality is Kraft has more IQ in his yarmulke than Menino’s entire head….so if this Harbor plan is going to work Mumbles will need help.

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