Random Thoughts…

– I want to wish Bobby V. the best of luck. I know that you used to manage the Mets and you think that dealing with the New York media will prepare you for Boston, HA HA HA. It’s real simple Bobby, all you have to do is win a world series, no pressure.

– I already have one of the best Christmas gifts, I get to watch the Celtics on X-mas day. Go C’s!!!

– As far as Rondo, I love the guy, but he just can’t shoot. The player they’re mentioning in the trade deal is Chris Paul. If you don’t already know,  is THE premier point guard in the NBA.  Forget Rondo, I’d trade my wife and mother to get Chris Paul. Just remember in Danny we trust.

– Tom Brady was named the AFC offensive player of the month. Try and tell us Dot Rats something we don’t already know. You don’t get three super bowl rings, and marry Giselle by just being average. If we lived in ancient Greece he would be the God of football, right up there with Zeus and Apollo.

– I LOVE the fact that the Bruins are kicking ASS! No sophomore slump here people. We actually have a legitamate chance of repeating. I know it’s still early, but it’s X-Mas you gotta wish for something.

– Speaking of the Holidays. Whatever you’re celebrating, just remember it’s NOT about spending a month’s salary on the new this or that. It’s about being with your loved one’s. Also, if you must have the new Ipad/ Kindle or your holidays will be ruined, remember their are a LOT of people who don’t have anything to give to there kids for the holidays. So go out spend like 10-20 dollars on toys and donate them to your local church or Salvation Army. It’s the right thing to do.

– Just remember folks  the Superbowl is only 65 days away, where it looks like WE will be playing Green Bay, finally a chance to bitch slap the cheese heads for the ’96 Superbowl. Except this time we don’t have Bledsoe and Parcells. We’ll have Brady and Belichick.

– One last thing, 79 days until pitchers and catchers report, or as we say in Dorchester, Spring time.

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