Keep your eye on them…

I just don’t trust China….period. We are so concerned with funding terrorism by our thirst for oil. We worry about Iran, Syria, Pakistan and even South America. All of that is justified….but China….ohhhh China. We ship more of our wealth and jobs to this communist country than any other country hands down. (Thanks Dick Nixon)

This country is by far the biggest threat to our National Security.

From dodging UN inspections, hacking our defense systems, embedding malicious functions into their electronics, bootleg merchandise, trade deficits, lying about their arsenals, keeping the value of the Yen artificially low to that punk bitch little brother of theirs….North Korea (The largest counterfeiter of US currency in the world BTW) Keep your eyes on these sneaky pr*cks….there’s a reason Douglas MacArthur wanted to turn China into an ashtray.


Now excuse me while I eat my crab rangoons from Cathay Pacific….these things are off the chains!!

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