IPhone security…

I’m constantly hearing about people having their IPhones stolen. When I was I kid people were always having their Walkman stolen. Whether your that donkey who leaves your bag open and walks away from it or the person who gets mugged….it’s time we take a more Dot Rat approach to IPhone security. Yes, there are apps out there that will track where your phone is, erase your data and even set off an alarm but with the right techie there’s probably a way around it all.

I propose a factory installed C4 explosive pack that can be detonated remotely. Just enough to take off a hand or maybe an arm. Yes it would suck if you dropped your phone inside the sofa cushion and you blew up the couch but….this feature would eliminate theft. There’s a person who suggested a dye pack….but what has that done for bank theft?

Maybe a built in taser with 100,000 volts?

Just sayin..


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