Red White and Blue Friday…

Yeah I know it’s really Black Friday but I’m asking you all to make an effort to check your tags and try as hard as you can to buy products made in the USA. Keep in mind that most big box stores will not even carry American made products because they are not concerned with American jobs outside of their own companies. They are only concerned with pricing out competitors and their shareholders. So…most American products are forced into small specialty shops or on to web retailers.

So has found the secret weapon. The American Made app for your android or iPhone. This is one of those things I wish I had thought of first. To put this type of power into someone’s pocket is an incredible thing. The app gives you a HUGE list of American Made products from socks to socket sets.

These guys only have a few thousand downloads…as opposed to Angry Birds….which has a few million. That’s ass backwards to me….but it proves an example as to why our country is rotting to the core. Our priorities are completely screwed up. Buying American goods is way more important than using some foreign software to slingshot imaginary birds across a 2 inch screen.

So….tell your friends about this app….challenge people to buy American….and challenge retailers to carry American products. Putting your countrymen and women back to work is the best Christmas gift you can give!!

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