Boombalotty’s Honorary Dot Rat…

I want to officially nominate Wes Welker as an honorary Dot Rat. I mean, the adjectives are endless with this guy. He’s hard-working, He’s fast, He has a great first step and best of all, whenever he gets walloped, which is often, he just stands up walks back to the huddle and he’s ready for the next play. He is 5’9″ 185lbs. playing a position where the average height is between 6’3″ to 6’6″. I’m sure growing up, everybody told him that he’s too small, he’s not fast enough etc… so what did he do? He worked his tail off, to not only make it to the NFL, but become arguably the best wide receiver the past 4 years. Of course, my favorite part of the guy is that you never read about him in the Inside Track, he’s not dating supermodels,he’s not tweeting every little thing in his life. That’s right Ocho-Stinko I’m talking about you. Stinko seems to do everything BUT catch footballs. Here’s a little advice Stinko, put your locker next to Welkers and learn from the best. If you do that you MIGHT be on the roster next year. So in conclusion, Wes, you have a lifetime Dorchester pass, and I’m sure you’ll never have to buy a beer here.

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