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I Think the Red Sox are in a tough situation, They are actually expected to win the World Series EVERY year now. Growing up, you were told by your family that after the all-star break, you could pretty much count on the Sox caving in before the playoffs. They always seemed to fall faster than Lehman Brothers stock. As you got older, you developed “THE FEVER”, where reason and rationale took a backseat to the truth. You would tell your detractors,  “this is the year”, and you truly believed it. When this “FEVER”  takes over your mind you become a Yahoo.

A Yahoo splits from reality and makes their own truths like “the Sox are gonna do it this year”. The great Boston Globe sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy coined the term “The Curse of the Bambino”, which of course took off like wild-fire. The Yahoo’s didn’t believe in it, the curse was for the media and pink hats only. We kept telling ourselves “there’s always next year”. The forces that be answered our prayers with the 2004 and 2007 championships. This was phenomenal, but guess what? We expect them to win every year now. So when they collapsed this September many people couldn’t believe it, especially the young fans. In my opinion balance was restored to the universe. Most men don’t watch soap opera’s, but we do have our own.

The sports pages of the Globe and Herald.

Who’s going to manage the Sox now? Who’s going to be our closer? Who’s going to play right field? What are we going to do with Dice-K? All of that drama should take us right into April. Well all I can say about  the Red Sox drama is, thank God for Tom Brady and the Bruins.

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