Boombalotty’s Take on Sandusky…

I’m sure you’ve consumed all you can about the Penn. St. scandal, which by the way infuriates me. It’s becoming like the catholic church, whereas the crime was horrendous, but the coverup is becoming worse. I mean can you imagine walking by a locker room shower and seeing a 10 year old boy being molested by an old creepy guy. I’m not trying to act like a tough guy or anything, but my immediate reaction would be to say,”hey kid run for it”, then without hesitation I would grab a baseball bat yell out to everyone around, that there’s a molester here, and beat the living hell out of him. I believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but he was caught in the act!!!!!!!. I’m a liberal democrat from Dorchester, who doesn’t believe in the death penalty for 99 percent of crimes. I think in Jerry Sandusky’s case, they should line up all his victims, put them in a circle and stone him to death, until he ends up like Stephen Hawking. Also, what if you did catch the guy in the act ,and you laid a serious hurting on him. I wonder what the penalty would be? I know my defense lawyer would argue that I was doing a public service, but do you think I would serve time?

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