Hold ye fire Dot Rats!!

On most days I find myself picturing the world around me as it may have looked at different points in history. As a kid I would roam the neighborhood and sometimes wonder what Dorchester looked like during colonial times. What did the folks do for fun.? What did they eat? Did they hit the Pony Room for some beers after laying out on Tenean all day?

I took some time over the weekend to dig around for some historical documents on Dorchester and turned up this. (Click on the picture to be taken to the website)

Turns out on February 9th 1776 we had a whole crew of minutemen including 2 of our nation’s first black soldiers setting up defenses in Dorchester during the Siege of Boston. The document reports what soldiers were being paid and what they received for rations. A month after this document signed, these same guys would go help seize control of Dorchester Heights then fortify it. This in turn scared the sh*t out of the British ships sitting in the harbor….they left on St Paddy’s Day 1776 (Evacuation Day). Yes…. South Boston was actually Dorchester at one time.  I wonder if the boys walked down the hill and had a slice at McGoo’s after they booted the British? Did Jones’s supply the scally caps?  😉

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