Someone hire this soldier….

Want your company to kick ass? Want your productivity to go through the roof? Go find this soldier. Make him your director of operations, give him 100K a year and make sure his family has benefits. Not only will you have a loyal employee…I guarantee he will boost efficiency 10 fold. This guy can run around your cubicles barking at people surfing the net when they should be working. Could you imagine? “Stand up chicken sh*t… we pay you to tweet?”.

I can sit here and go on for days about why I love our men and women who serve our country….. this soldier is a prime example why. It’s pitch black, like 10 degrees and terrible outside and this guy has me so pumped I want to go mow my lawn in the snow. Maybe run around neighborhood like John O’Toole….I mean Chuck Norris and just fight crime.

God bless our military!                          (Language Alert)


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