The Wiffle Ball Pedro…

Was there anything better than a game of wiffle ball with your buddies? You didn’t need to hoof it down to the  park, because you weren’t going to smash out anyone’s windows or dent a car.  Everyone wanted to play and you didn’t need a ton of cash to get started.The streets of Dot made for fantastic wiffle ball stadiums.

All your buddies had a specialty pitch….mine was a slider that looked like it was going to whack you in the lid but would drop in for a strike. My buddy Rick had this riser that would graze the top of the ground only to elevate last second and hit the strike zone. You had to try and golf the pitch and pray it stayed fair. One of the best things about having a nearly un-hittable go to pitch was the amount of ball busting you could unleash on your pals struggling to hit it. It wasn’t uncommon to see bats thrown or the occasional batter chase the pitcher around looking for blood.

Enter the Pedro of wiffle ball…..this kid is just nasty. You can almost see the sheer terror on the faces of the batters. Or the pure hatred….this kid is so good he must get his ass kicked on a regular basis.

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