The Whitey Bulger movie…

Everyone seems to want this movie made. Damon and Affleck are probably the only two men in Hollywood that could pull it off. Honestly I didn’t want the movie made because I felt for the families involved but it appears the one family I know affected by this is kind of on board. As stated in the Globe article I think the key will be to depict him for exactly what he is….a heartless coward. He is not the folk hero some people still say he is. They should have gave him 2 in the lid when they busted into his pad in Santa Barbara. I say donate a portion of the movie proceeds to the families as well. Maybe a nice fund to help the kids of the families go to college…it’s the least the studios could do because the families of the victims are as much a part of this story as the coward and his crew of goons.

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