Dorchester is yours…and there’s an app for that…

Do you know that SeeClickFix is fast becoming the standard for reporting issues to your city government? Boston is now using it integrated with the Open311 standard. This gives you direct access to their reporting systems at City Hall. Let’s say your rolling down Adams Street and you whack a massive pothole. Or you spot some vandalizm, grafiti, traffic issues  or a damaged street light for instance. Wouldn’t it be nice to let the city know about it but also hold them publicly accountable? You’re able to do that today…you can download the SeeClickFix app to your cell phone and snap a picture of the problem. You provide a short description of the issue…your GPS will Google map the vicinity of the issue and you can submit it to Boston…it will then will get routed to the proper department. You can track a resolution of the problem all the way through to completion and other Dot Rats can vote to have it fixed. Because it’s so transparent…your government has to respond in a timely fashion. This also provides folks the means to easily participate in their community. You can do it anonymously or provide contact info.  If you live in a city or town that does not use this yet….call and demand that they do.

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