Why you should carry…

In my lifetime I have watched Rob Noble get shot over 5 dollars on Ashmont Street. Another kid bleed to death from being stabbed outside my homeroom in high school. Kiwi gets killed a few weeks back after the Irish festival…and now another armed robbery just up the street from where he was killed. All of the culprits were absolute cowards….probably young kids or drug addicts who have no clue how to fight and have absolutely no honor whatsoever. In a perfect world they would all die slow and painful deaths for the damage they inflict on the families of those lost.

As you all know…I’m a Dem who believes in your Second Amendment rights. How many times, as a woman for instance, have you been on a subway or bus and some perv makes inappropriate gestures or has even gone as far as to put their hands on you? It happened to my own mother when I was a small child. Why shouldn’t you be properly trained and confident enough to reach in your purse and pull an 40 cal EMP….and point it at the guy’s crotch?

You have a right to protect yourself. And if your a law abiding citizen and can pass a background check you should exercise that right. Watch how quickly this guy diffuses a potentially life threatening situation…..(Fowl Language Alert)

I’m not saying go out and be Charles Bronson here. Any trained NRA instructor will probably tell you it’s better to never pull your firearm. I guess I only wish Kiwi and Rob had an armed citizen with them the night they were taken from their families.

To learn more about the steps to take to attain your LTC…. Check out GOAL and the the NRA’s website.

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