When the Saints go marching in….

How bad does it suck to be the Colts this morning. What do you say? You literally got your ass handed to you by the Saints.  62 points? Really?  Even if your team isn’t firing on all cylinders…you have a multimillion dollar payroll….you’re paid huge cash not to play like a Pop Warner team. This is the stuff that really makes you count your blessings as a Patriots fan….Here’s the list of records set by the Saints against the Colts yesterday.These are Madden numbers for sh*ts sake.

• Most points in a regular season game since 1985 (New York Jets, 62)

• Tied, most regular season points since 1970 AFL/NFL

• Tied, most points in NFL since 2000 (Jackonsville Jaguars, 62, 2000 divisional playoff)

• Most points so far this season (previous: 49, Green Bay Packers Week 4)

• Most points in a game in Saints history (previous: 51, three times)

• Biggest margin of victory in Saints history (previous: 42, over Denver in 1988)

• Only eight teams have scored more points in a single NFL game and none since 1966.

• Of the 22 60-points games in NFL history, only four have taken place in the last 30 years.

• It was just the second time since 1989 that an NFL team won a game by more than 50 points. (New England 59, Tennessee 0; 2009)

9 — Consecutive scores to start the game for New Orleans.

55 — The number of points scored by Indianapolis the last time the Colts visited New Orleans. Peyton Manning(notes) had six touchdown passes over the Aaron Brooks and Todd Bouman(notes)-led Saints.

• 36 — First downs gained by the Saints. The team had 32 through the first three quarters. The NFL record is 39.

8 — Extra points kicked by John Kasay(notes), who turns 42 this week, a Saints record.

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