The heating dilemma…

So it’s the time of year when you have to start putting more cash aside to fund terrorism…I mean…heat your home. Like many of us I use oil to heat my home…which is essentially red diesel fuel (I beleive it’s colored red for taxing purposes). I like the idea of gas….but I’m on the fence whether I want a company dictating my price. All fuel pricing is essentially dictated but at least you can shop a bit with oil.

If your a frugal DotRat like me and would rather put your extra cash into a vacation fund…. check out . Instead of locking in a contract with an oil company …. shop around for your next delivery.

Also…be aware that some oil companies are known for replacing the “dirty nozzle” on your burner with a new nozzle that makes your burner use double the amount of oil. Those nozzles have ratings…mine being a 1 GPH or gallons per hour. If you had me locked in a contract…wouldn’t you want my burner running a 2 GPH or higher? You would sell me more oil right? Be aware DotRats….

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