Get your pea coat on….

Back in the mid 90’s I was strolling through Quincy and decided to hit a thrift store. At 19 years old I knew how to stretch a buck and liked to dress good like all kids that age. I was cruising the isles when I spotted a Navy pea coat. A pea coat goes with everything from a tie and slacks to jeans and sneakers….so I went and picked it up. Immediately I was taken back by the weight of this wool coat….this thing was made well and had a nice satin liner so it wouldn’t bunch up your shirt….it was Navy issue. I put it on and it was an absolutely perfect fit. Now the moment of truth…I picked up my arm to view the price tag. After taking a second to guess the price (I guessed at least 70 bucks even though it was a thrift store)…..I opened my eyes to a windfall…5 DOLLARS!!! I ran to the register like a fat kid hearing happy birthday being recited in another room. To this day it’s probably the finest deal I ever scored. Months after, I was going through the pockets and found the tag…. “Made by Sterlingwear of Boston under contract for the United States Navy”. I figured they where out of business…but after dialing into my AOL account to search the internet…I found them. I still have the coat and these guys are still here in Boston. I know they opened a spot in South Shore Plaza last year.  So if you’re looking for the finest American made pea coat made for the finest Navy in the world….check out Sterlingwear. Be smart this Christmas, don’t waste 100 bucks on some cheap Calvin Klein knockoff made in China….spend a little more, keep your money here and get a better product.


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